And The Wild, Blue Yander Acoustic DEMO

by Any Otherwise

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released May 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Any Otherwise Savannah, Georgia

Everrett Therrell

Adam McLamb

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Track Name: The Contradiction
All I wanted was for you to set me free.
All you wanted was someone I'll never be.
Now, I feel stupid. You're coming over.
I'm losing my patience along with my mind.
You say that you love me, and wish I could love you.
But, I just simply dont have the time.
Its not you, its me.

All I wanted was for you to be with me.
All you wanted was everything.
Now, I feel angry. I'm chewing on my tongue to keep all my words from pouring out.
You say that you're sorry, I'll say that its okay.
But, we're both lying from our mouths.
Its not me, its you.
Track Name: Live Oak
I've got a long, long drive. All for a wasted night.
Try and keep my eyes focused on the road with my mind on you.
It'll be four or so by the time I make it home.
You said you'd wait for me, but then you got stoned and passed out in our sheets.

I sat and watched you sleep for what felt for days, was only an hour.
You open your eyes and you whisper to me, sweet, "I fell asleep."
I laughed, you wept.

The winter came and brought the frost out in my chest.
I know he loves you more, but I loved you the best.
I know I'm insecure and mostly bored as I crawl into your bed.

I drive away from the one place I ever felt like I was home.
I still feel your curves in the shirt that I let you keep, but you gave back.

And I laugh and you wept.
I'm saying sorry's for the times that I forgot.
I know he loves you more, but I loved you best.
That's what I tell myself as I crawl into your bed