And The Great, Big Nothing

by Any Otherwise

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released August 1, 2015

Tyler Toms- Producer, tracking, mixing, and mastering engineer.

Tyler Akin- Assistant engineer

Alan Melville- Drum tech

Executive Producers- Justin Therrell, Corey Freymuth, Adam McLamb

Recorded at Glow In The Dark Studios in Atlanta, GA

Other production done with TylerTomsMedia

Songs written and performed by Any Otherwise



all rights reserved


Any Otherwise Savannah, Georgia

Everrett Therrell

Adam McLamb

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Track Name: Selfish Me
If you think that I'm wrong, then you're probably right.
Even if you're not, I still don't think that it would be worth the fight.
So, I'm stuck bending backwards. I am breaking my own spine.
I guess that I could give up the ghost, but that's one less thing that is mine.

Fading away from who I am.
Make me into who you need me to be.

I am only dirt. Potential is the seed.
You are but a cloud that is always just dangling over me.

Drowning in who you are.
I can't grow within your arms.
Fading away. Selfish me.
Track Name: Dead Leaf
A wilting vine, a wilting truth.
It's inside me, your tangled noose.
I knew that you fly away. So, why not leave me with a feather?
A souvenir for letting go of who I am.
I will float like a dead leaf.
Take my hand, weight me down to the concrete.

I tried to build up my borders to keep out the devil that's perched on my shoulder.
I tried to tear down my senses, but all that I did was reveal picket fences.
I open my eyes wide, I watch as the time crawls by.

I'm feeling fine I'm feeling brave.
I'm comfortable laying in this grave.
I'm feeling much better now, but I guess it's cause I have not been sober.
I know I'm not growing up, I'm just giving in while I'm getting older.
Set me free, I will float like a dead leaf.
Take my hand, weight me down to the concrete.

I will float, weight me down.
Take my hand, won't you set me free?

Set me free.
Track Name: Barn Cat
I am the forest, be careful of the air that you breathe.
I feel you choking, cursing everything you believe.
The smoke is rising, so you touch the ceiling.
Your lungs embrace me, I swear that this is healing.
I'm such a liar. The truth, it never crosses my teeth.
So, I vomit, as if my words bring on my disease.
I feel my conscious, it's slowly drowning.
I watch the horror in it's eyes. My mind is always pounding.

Bury your forgiveness and pray that it grows to be tall and straight, not crooked, like you are used to being.
Bending under pressure, falling onto your knees. Knowing not of pleasure, falling in love with grief.

To know you like you know me? The thought just seems absurd.
To know you like you know me? I'm never finding the words.
Better or not, I guess it's always my curse.
I believe that I am always my curse.

You will always see me here. I spoke these words when I found my fears.
"You are not alone."
We climbed upon the roof and stared at the stars. We contemplated jumping, but knew I wouldn't fall far.
I'm not afraid to die.
When water started puddling at my feet, I fell upon my knees and accepted defeat because you were always right.
I'm terrified to die.

Bring me your flame. My light died around the time that you're mind had changed.
Sing me to sleep, and should I awake in your better place, I was wrong.
Track Name: L'appel Du Vide (Void)
We dangled our limbs at the edge of eternity, gazed into the void and watched in awe as nothingness expanded into what you called heaven, but I knew it wasn't heaven I saw every flaw.
You opened your lungs and you exhaled a deity, a simple fabrication of chaos and fear. I open my hands, I can only feel apathy. I close my eyes, i swear you are near.

You call me from the void.
Hold your breath, take a step, and you will search for me no more.
With out stretched arms, you'll soar.
So, hold your breath, take a step, and you will search for me no more.

I'm coming to terms with the space between now and then. I'm too young to die, and I'm too young to pray. Is it naive to believe this could ever change? It all stays the same. The same, it'll stay.
I can smell peace on the nape of this calming wind. My eyes are lulled shut by the breeze on my ear. I open my hands, I can only feel hope for me. I open my eyes, but I only see fear.

Happiness is only a lifetime away.